Cork Light

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Project Details

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]It was necessary 40 years to manufacture the first lamp and it’s only possible to peel again the tree in 9 more years. This type of lamp conceived by Milaners needs time in order to respect the rhythm of nature. No harm is done to the cork oak in any way. On the contrary, the peeling process favours a better greenery of the plant. 

“Cork Light” is the first lighting line of lamps completely upholstered with natural cork. This collection presents a new way of conceiving cork, taking advantage of the natural characteristics of the material as light permeability and facility of elaboration, in addition to the new and original use of the material, because normally cork is used only in the construction industry.

The result is a unique lamp capable of creating a unique atmosphere, incomparable to other products available in the market nowadays. “Cork Light” inspires deep emotions, involves us in a magic atmosphere that makes us think of the traditional Maroccan houses, called Riad. It is suitable for home use, dining, spas, wellness rooms and wherever ambient that requires non-invasive lighting. So it gives a strong character and new energy to the room.

A simple process is the basis of the concept: the cork oak is peeled, the bark machined and cut into sheets of thickness 2 mm. These are then glued on the transparent plexiglass. At the end of the process LED lights are placed and foundation installed, which will allow you to adjust the height.

You can configure your product by defining the diameter and color of plexiglass, the plot and the design of the cork. Some types of cork in fact reveal more light than others, depending on the texture of the product itself, without manipulating in any way the material.


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